Can we solve Bali’s trash Problems ???

Back in the day Bali had hardly any plastic. All the drinks came served in glass bottles and all the food was brought out on banana leaves which were either re-used or thrown away at no expense of mother nature. As time went on word got out about the boundless natural...

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Dreaming in the Maldives

We kicked off the start of the season on the 'mavaahi' surf live aboard cruiser for a 10 day Maldivian island chain surf trip beginning in the Maldivian capital “Male’ on the 6th April and travelling through to  the central atolls. The first few days was spent between...

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Are you living a ‘Pure Life’ ???

  Pura Vida, a characteristic Costa Rican phrase, literally means "pure life", with connotations that suggest translations such as 'full of life', 'this is living', 'going great' or 'real living'. The phrase can be used as a greeting or farewell, as an answer...

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