Dreaming in the Maldives

Dreaming in the Maldives

We kicked off the start of the season on the ‘mavaahi’ surf live aboard cruiser for a 10 day Maldivian island chain surf trip beginning in the Maldivian capital “Male’ on the 6th April and travelling through to  the central atolls.

The first few days was spent between nth male’s myriad of surf breaks with the guests scoring 2-4 ft waves all along the atolls coast, We were met with a 10 second south east swell and winds shifting between the west and west nor west trade winds perfectly designed for the variety of waves offered along the eastern seaboard of the Maldivian island chain. We began our trip, at the famed sultans, cramming all our jeans,shoes and other clothing items we would not see for another 10 days into bags and hidden under beds and into corners of rooms. jumping into boardies and diving into crystal 28 degree water it was clear to see the boys did not need much adjusting to tropical surf life.

Our first stop was the famed sultans, a long right hander just 1 1/2 hours from the airport by boat and the boys were eager to shake the long plane ride off and test out their equipment. After a couple of sessions the boys were happy so captain ramsay pulled anchor as the chef was serving lunch and we made our way north to the island of Thulusdhoo and some of the most consistent reef passes in the whole maldives… ‘cokes’ and ‘chickens’ did not disappoint with the guests scoring head high chickens to themselves and for those who wanted a bit more punch dropping into some bombs at ‘cokes’ just across the bay….. ‘Jon Read’ kept my camera busy scoring multiple barrels and throwing some big turns, obviously loving the fact he did not need to be surfing in a 4 mm steamer !!

Personally i love the month of April working on the boats as the crowds are very few with most boats still finishing up their diving operations so the chance to score sick waves with not many people is very high. After a couple of days of great waves we set steam, following the compass south back towards our original starting point….

Moving down the coast we saw a break in the reef offering beautiful rolling rights with no body else around so we went closer for a look and before we could anchor bodies were spilling over the side of the boat and the race was on to catch the first wave at “ninjas”. dreamlike buttery conditions kept us here for the next day and a half with happy campers piling up their wave counts before it was time to point the boat due south again and head towards the central atolls.

First stop was Meemu atoll where we parked in the channel just next to a super fun, long right-hander . ” Muli “,   greeted our guests with the same 10 second interval period offering shoulder high perfection with rides of up to 150 metres being gnawed at by our salivating guests. ‘Mike Lewis’ found his groove enjoying some ” leg burners ” pleased as punch at his decision to book a spot on the boat. Muli outside rights  kept us busy for a day and a half. We even managed to sail into the local island for a look around with the local inhabitants. The Maldivian people are very rich in culture and spirit !!


As the swell was beginning to drop it was time to move to the western side of the island chain chasing a southwest swell that was due to hit that evening. Our timing was impeccable as we pulled in 6 hours later into my favourite anchoring spot and arguably one of the maldives most aestecially pleasing locations, ‘Inside mikado’, located within the south east corner of the ‘Thaa’ atoll. “farms” as its name also goes by was offering cylindrically perfect 2 to 3 foot rights as our guests watched trance like astounded by the beauty of the set up.

IMAGE HERE ( paddle board on beach with paddle stuck in sand )

IMAGE HERE ( coconut at waters edge )


The wind was a perfect offshore direction as guests would sit in the lineup, looking to the outside reef as an indicator before swell would wrap, hit a ledge and funnel off for a 100 meters offering 3 beautiful sections before dying out into a crystal clear deepwater lagoon.. I told you i had the feeling this trip was gonna be great spat out graham taylor of Anglesea, Victoria….  No body debated.

This was our home for the next couple of days, with plenty of fishing and snorkelling on offer, with guests feasting on waves as well as the local coconuts and sugarcane on offer on the white sand beach just 50 metres from our anchored dhoni….


Guests were kept nourished with fantastic meals served up by the ‘mavaahi’s’  amazing staff, making sure we had enough energy to surf day in,day out. We were also very privileged to be joined by a huge manta ray and a  5 meter whale shark who feasted off plankton just metres off the back of the mothership for 3 hours into the night.

Our time was slowly coming to an end so we decided to pack up and move ourselves to our final destination of Laamu atoll with 2 days being spent anchored beside the the majestic break known as “machines”……… if you happened to mistake this place for kelly slaters new wave pool then i don’t think anyone would blame you……. We enjoyed perfect 2 to 3 foot picture perfect barrelling rights with Jon Read and chris scanaln standing out milking every last drop of perfection.

Overall we had an amazing time with great waves,weather ,food and hospitality all being served up so if this is any indicator of the season ahead then the feeling over here in surfers paradise is very, very upbeat !!.

IMAGE HERE ( rob holding camera with guys in lagoon