Pura Vida, a characteristic Costa Rican phrase, literally means “pure life”, with connotations that suggest translations such as ‘full of life’, ‘this is living’, ‘going great’ or ‘real living’. The phrase can be used as a greeting or farewell, as an answer that things are going well, as a way of giving thanks or a way to show appreciation. In modern day usage, the saying goes beyond its everyday translation: its a way of life. It is a perspective of life that evokes a spirit that is carefree, laid-back and optimistic………. a spirit that is seemingly getting more disguised everyday in the hustle and bustle of city life living.

       “Pura Vida” Costa Rican living.

The world thinks of Australians as being laid back people and in a good sense, we are……. We are typically heard over a cold beer saying ” no worries mate” or ” she’ll be right” but upon stumbling into this unique culture the “pura vida” way of life makes Aussie laid-back nature look more like obsessive compulsive behaviorism.

                  “Pura Vida” city living

‘Gabrielle’ runs the ‘Iguana Lodge’, A beachfront eco-resort just outside ‘puerto jimanez’, a quaint little town with a population of 1780 people that fronts the Corcovado national park and one of the last frontiers of absolute wilderness which lies in the Osa Peninsula. The Peninsula is home to at least half of all the living species that live in Costa Rica including 463 different types of birds, 116 different amphibians/reptiles and 10,00 different insects. On an average walk from the hotel restaurant to your cabin you can spot amazing colored scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, massive iguanas and two and three toed sloths. This place is truly a natural zoo !

       Gabrielle and family

Gabrielle has grown up here working in the hospitality industry and is raising a beautiful family within his ‘pura vida’ motto. Always carefree, sharing a genuine smile and always willing to share his wealth and knowledge of the Costa Rican way of life with visitors, its guys like Gabrielle that will make your trip more than memorable .

Getting around here on the Osa Peninsula can really only be achieved through the use of 4 wheel drive, motorbikes or quad bikes. Extremely rough terrain with numerous river crossings definitely make it for slow going, no wokkas though cuz if you travel too fast you may miss the multitudes of amazing wildlife on offer. For those tourists who wish to keep away from other tourists then the Osa Peninsula is definatly the road less travelled.

                The road less travelled..



Miles and miles of jungle beachfront, the Osa offers amazing surfing setups with hardly a soul in sight and every lodging seems to have equally amazing yoga spaces .

              Where is everybody ??


              Amazing yoga in the jungle






So if your thinking your existence does not offer enough ‘pura vida’, then take a couple of weeks off your corporate job, lock up the apartment get a friend to dog sit, book a couple of flights and GET HERE !!  This place is wild and will deliver you an experience that can not be replicated anywhere else .

‘Pura Vida’ !! – Rob