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Dream | Discover | Surf | Yoga
Join us for one of our incredible Surfin2yoga retreats during 2017/2018.

Led by true professionals in both the surf and yoga industry, this retreat will leave you inspired, challenged and transformed. With 2 daily yoga classes set in a serene space you will discover your bodies potential to open, strengthen, and heal. Our teachers offer the most supportive, safe environment for you to explore your edge and deepen your journey with yoga.
Our professional surf team, endeavor to help you create a new union with the ocean. Develop new skills, navigate, read, and ride the waves in a safe and controlled environment. You will also have plenty of time to relax, rest and rejuvenate in our tranquil resorts with spa treatments, mediations, and 3 beautiful pools to retreat to daily.
Our team is trained to handle all levels of experience from absolute beginners to more advanced, we welcome men and women to provide for the most well-rounded community of surfers and yogis!!


The mornings are designed to get your heart pumping, breath moving and mind clear. Evenings will restore, relax and bring you back to center.

2 Daily yoga intensives/classes led by an experienced teacher. Enjoy fun, sweaty Vinyasa Flow mornings where we will cover a range of different asanas (postures) setting alignment, discovering new levels of strength and flexibility, imprinting the importance of breath and exploring the hows and why’s of more complex shapes. The mornings are designed to get your heart pumping, breath moving, mind clear as well as preparing the body for the activities of the day ahead! The evening practice will have more restorative, relaxing energy where we will allow the body to recover, reconnect with the breath, slow the nervous system and recharge. Either focusing on Yin or restorative yoga, you will be left in a blissful state that will take you right into a peaceful evening! Throughout the week we will also explore acro-yoga (partner yoga) and aerial yoga (swings),allowing for different ways to thread yoga into the life you love!


Our surf team will endeavor to create a long lasting love affair between you and the ocean. Our professional Instructors will bring you to the best breaks available for that day for an unforgettable experience.

Daily surf lessons led by a professional coach and guides. This includes all surf equipment. You will learn all aspects of surfing, from technique, to water safety and knowledge, water positioning, and of course riding the wave with style in all of these spectacular locations! We cater to all levels of surfers, from absolute beginners to more experienced riders. Our coaches will inspire you to create a new relationship with the ocean, challenge and push you to new boundaries! For the beginner surfers, the series of surf lessons will cover all facets of surfing. Familiarizing you with equipment, understanding the science of a wave, technique on the board, drills to achieve surf fitness, reading waves, water safety and etiquette, and of course riding the waves with confidence! You will get the chance to see the ocean in all it’s different phases as we will take you to the best surf breaks available that day! If you have intermediate to advanced surf experience we will set you up with a coach for the week that will be able to help you work on progressing your surfing and offer tips and techniques to maximise your time in the water.